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We connect tradition with food, people, appliances and safety. Having over 170 years of family culinary knowledge, recipes, and commitment to service to create exceptional products and food service options we can share with the world.



We provide food products for hospitality, food service, and retailers in addition to menu development and concession concepts for food service management groups. The Burgess Brothers’ food products include sauces, baking mixes, meats, beverages, and PPE. The company also provides domestic and commercial proprietary appliances for its ChurWaffle & Sausage brand products.


To provide quality products and services that can be shared with the world; while promoting diversity, innovation, and strategic partnerships that are mutually beneficial.

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The Burgess Brothers, founded by twin brothers Jonathan (Fire) and Matthew Burgess (Law), in 2012; after a friendly burger competition in 2010.  They were born and raised in Sacramento, California, and continue to be active in their public service professions. The dynamic duo has garnered media recognition through various platforms in their hometown and nationally. 

The brothers are committed to giving back to non-profit organizations and charities through fundraising partnerships. They are passionate about mentoring youth and adults who desire public service careers or aspire to be entrepreneurs in the food & beverage and hospitality space.

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The Burgess Brothers started young... The roots of their entrepreneurship and public service run deep. The Burgess family history dates back to 1849; the family has a rich history in California and was among the early pioneers. The Brother's business acumen comes from five generations of hardworking individuals who wanted to improve the quality of life for themselves and others. The family legacy encompasses food service, public service, and education. The Brothers have a strong commitment to service by creating exceptional familial experiences to be remembered and enjoyed by all. They have incorporated proprietary products to share with the world, some of which were passed down from generation-to-generation.