We provide food products for hospitality, food service, and retailers in addition to menu development and concession concepts for food service management groups. Our food products included and are not limited to sauces, spices, baking mixes, proteins, and beverages. We also provide domestic and commercial proprietary appliances for our ChurWaffle & Sausage brand concepts.

Mission Statement:

To provide quality products and services that can be shared with the world; while promoting diversity, innovation and strategic partnerships that are mutually beneficial.

Core Values:

Our company's core values were built on what our founders (The Burgess Brothers) defined as the necessary disciplines and sacrifice that any successful business or individual must practice if they are to be successful. Diversity, Equality, Accountability, and Commitment.  Everyone on our team accepts the oath of our guiding principles for business: Knowledge, Positioning, Opportunity and Power (K.P.O.P)

Knowledge: Our employees and staff must have, obtain or be willing to sacrifice and seek the knowledge necessary for the positions within the organization they are assigned, to ensure our customers are receiving our services at the highest level possible.

Position: We will intentionally place our organization and customers in positions that bring about opportunities and winning positions.

Opportunity: We will explore opportunities as they become available and except only those that will be mutually beneficial and in agreement with our company's mission and values.

Power: We will use our power and authority to create a diverse workforce, client base and culture that values diversity; while creating opportunities that result in wins, focuses on collaboration, diversity and inclusion.
Burgess Brothers' Burgers (BBB) was founded by twin brothers Jonathan (Fire) and Matthew Burgess (Law), in 2012; after a friendly burger competition in 2010.  Both brothers were born and raised in Sacramento California and are still active in their public service professions. This dynamic duo has been featured on  Pickler & Ben, Home Shopping Network (HSN), Food Network Guys Grocery Games (Twin It to Win It), CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, KCRA and a host of other television stations. The Brothers continue to give back by donating their time on culinary advisory boards for schools and colleges, in addition to public speaking engagements for young entrepreneurs.  The brothers also have a passion and mentor youth and adults that have the desire, work ethic and passions for careers in public service.   
BBB is not only committed to providing quality food and service to the our in store customers and grocery retailers, but is also committed to giving back to non-profit organizations and charities through fundraising partnerships. Find out more by sending an email to info@burgessbrothers.com, make sure to enter fundraising in the subject line.
Would you like The Burgess Brothers to take over your kitchen? Restaurants, Celebrity Parties, Schools and Fundraising  coordinators find out how you can book The Burgess Brothers for your next event.
During a kitchen or restaurant take-over the Burgess Brothers will prepare a multi-course meal with the use of their food products and family secrets of cooking that have been passed down for generations. Depending on the venue, Q & A sessions on entrepreneurship, careers in public safety , to cooking lessons, demonstrations and catering can be arranged. Book your take-over today and find out why "Twinning is Winning".  You don't have to be a twin to win when you book the Burgess Brothers. Send an email to info@burgessbrothers.com for more information on having your kitchen taken over!!!    
Our products can be found on-line, served in several Northern California K-12 school districts, restaurants, senior living communities as well as arenas, ball parks, stadiums and youth sport concessions.


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