Burgess Brothers Homemade Corn Bread Mix


$ 15.50 $ 27.00
Kelly Pickler & Ben Aaron Get ChurWaffled!! This cornbread is good for the south!!

Multi Purpose Home-Made Cornbread Mix also seen on HSN (Home Shopping Network)!!

You can't beat Burgess Brothers Corn Bread Muffin Mix!  Homemade southern style cornbread guaranteed to satisfy your taste!! There are no brands on the market that compare to what we must credit our Grandmother & Mother for blessing us with the LTTs (Look, Texture, Taste).  Sold and distributed only by Burgess Brothers!! 

Make 16-20 Corn Bread Muffins or 10 x 12 Baking Pan. Just add 1 cup of water, 1 cup milk (buttermilk preferred), 1 cup oil and 1 egg, mix and bake until golden brown. "If you like southern corn bread, lightly sweetened, moist yet course. You are going to fall in LOVE with this." ( No Egg needed when making waffles..)

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