Burgess Brothers Homemade Cornbread (Chur-Waffle) Mix


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Kelly Pickler & Ben Aaron Get ChurWaffled!! This cornbread is good for the south!!

Multi-Purpose Home-Made Cornbread Mix also has seen on HSN (Home Shopping Network)!!

You can't beat Burgess Brothers Corn Bread Muffin Mix!  Homemade southern-style cornbread guaranteed to satisfy your taste!! There are no brands on the market that compare to what we must credit our Grandmother & Mother for blessing us with the LTTs (Look, Texture, Taste).  Sold and distributed only by Burgess Brothers!! 

Make 16-20 Corn Bread Muffins or 10 x 12 Baking Pan. Just add 1 cup of water, 1 cup milk (buttermilk preferred), 1 cup oil and 1 egg, mix and bake until golden brown. "If you like southern cornbread, lightly sweetened, moist yet course. You are going to fall in LOVE with this." ( No Egg needed when making waffles..)