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Burgess Brothers Hotmat 2DISH CONNECT


$ 79.99

Burgess Brothers Hotmat features a foldable, modular, two-plate design that can accommodate cookware and serveware of any size. Users can connect up to five units together, adding extra convenience and flexibility regardless of the size of their celebration.

  • ✓HABITAT FOR HUMANITY - Gets $1.00 from each unit purchased (which is 45% of The Burgess Brothers proceeds.)
  • ✓Energy-efficient, portable design
  • ✓Folds neatly for convenient storage
  • ✓Square-shaped hot plate surface allows for even heating
  • ✓Keeps prepared dishes warm and fresh for three to four hours
  • ✓Two heat settings: Hot (302° F) for soups, sauces, casseroles and Warm (212° F) for roasted, broiled or sautéed dishes and dry, baked goods
  • ✓When multiple Hotmats are connected, each unit can be set to a separate heat setting
  • ✓Glass, ceramic, stainless steel, and aluminum containers can be placed on the Hotmat to keep contents at ideal internal temperatures
  • ✓Product dimensions for single unit: 19.2” X 9” X 1.57” when in use;            9.8’ X 9” X 4.1” when folded
  • ✓ GOOD CAUSE - Proceeds from sales benefit our Nonprofit partners (Habitat for Humanity)

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