Twin Take Over In Ludowici Georgia

Twin Take Over In Ludowici Georgia

Lena Maes Country Café of Ludowici, Georgia  will add two signature dishes created by the Burgess Brothers to their menu. Chef Efrim Dehart, owner of Lena Maes, allowed the Burgess Brothers to take over his kitchen and menu for one hour of dinner service on March 30th, 2017. The event proved to be extremely successful for Lena Maes, resulting in a packed cafe and sellout of special items added to the menu by the Burgess Brothers. Lena Maes will be the only outfit in Ludowici adding the Burgess Brothers signature 5150 French Fries, which are topped with BBQ pulled pork, cheddar cheese, Burgess Brothers Mild BBQ suace & Patrol Sauce and the Cornbread Churwaffle.

 A special thank you goes out to the men and women of the Liberty County Minority Chamber that made this all possible..

Know of an establishment that can benefit from a Burgess Brothers Kitchen Take Over? Send and email to or contact us on our Face Book Page @TheBurgessBrosbbq

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In a word…#Amazing!



Omg these brothers are awesome. There food are fantastic, all of it was delicious. I was blessed to meet them. God bless you’ll.


Marie KEith

The Burgess Brothers can throw down! Their BBQ sauce and cooking, will make you throw your diet out the window. The churwaffle was magnificent, like nothing I have ever tasted, the right mixture of golden brown with a slight crispness and soft center, it was to die for …. get your churwaffle and you will be glad you did! These brothers cook like your grandmadoes, only better!


Maggie Buckner

OH MY GOODNESS!!! What an amazing event with Awesome food! Everything on the menu was great and when you added their signature BBQ sauce… mmmmmmm, mmmmmmm GOOD!!!! What can I say about the Churwaffle??? My new favorite dessert! Thank you so much Burgess Brothers for coming and I CAN’T WAIT for your next event here!!! Looking for to HSN debut, great job guys!!!


Curt Sheard

I had a blast with Matt and John. We had a blast and I really enjoyed their food… THOSE FRIES, BURGERS, & SAUCES hmmm hmm oh sooo yummy! “Get in my belly” kinda moment. But the star of the night was the #ChurWaffle… it’s like heaven on a plate… seriously, who would’ve imagined a cornbread waffle with cinnamon sugar, caramel and whipped cream? THESE GUYS, that’s who!!!! I look forward to sharing these great products with my family and friends in the near future… Oh yeah, make sure you tune in on 19 APR 17 on HSN!!!!! I’ll be placing my order. !

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