The Burgess Brothers and Breathe Medical Manufacturing

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SACRAMENTO, CA/KELOWNA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, November 20, 2020 - The Burgess Brothers and Breathe Medical Manufacturing (BMM) announced today they are joining forces to increase and provide quality PPE mask production to further accelerate their COVID-19 response as winter approaches and cases are expected to surge. CDC Director Robert Redfield warned of a winter surge in July in an article from the Washington Post, “I do think the fall and winter of 2020 and 2021 are going to be one of the most difficult times we experience in American public health,” said Redfield. The coming months could be catastrophic but we know in addition to social distancing, wearing a mask is essential in curbing the up tic of COVID-19 cases. Burgess Brothers and BMM are collaborating on specific ways the companies can rapidly combine their capabilities and resources to help meet the surge in demand for PPE in the region. As a trusted brand already synonymous with quality and excellence, Burgess Brothers Co-Founder, Jonathan Burgess explains “We find this strategic partnership valuable as it aligns with our public safety background by partnering with an innovative brand of integrity, like North American manufacturer BMM.” “We are committed to providing the highest standards in offering a quality mask, restoring our supply chain and reviving normal purchasing procedures for people who work in public safety, education, and corporate and small business clients.” continued Burgess.

BMM recently opened a 60,000 square foot facility in Kelowana, British Columbia filling a need in the marketplace. Currently, the majority of the world’s supply of surgical masks are manufactured in China. During the Pandemic, global demand for high-quality face masks has exploded, leading to an unprecedented and dangerous surge in counterfeit, low-quality face masks. After testing, 98% of the masks manufactured in China were found not to be effective. This life-threatening epidemic has left governments and consumers alike scrambling for reliable and safe PPE equipment providers. BMM has an exclusive agreement with DOTZ Technology that provides tracing, authentication and anti-counterfeiting solutions for brands and manufacturers, enabling them to validate their products, shelf life, and performance in order to eliminate liability and counterfeit concerns and trace for origin.

Public safety is paramount to Burgess Brothers and BMM. Both businesses understand the needs and challenges of providing the communities they serve with quality products that also meet strict safety requirements. Anna Broesky, Director, VP Business Development at BMM is on a mission to educate the world about mask safety “BMM ensures that each product produced meets the highest North American quality standards, placing at the forefront of operations the safety of our employees to the end-users.” “When the opportunity arose to partner, we thought it was a perfect fit as Jonathan and Matthew are first responders, we wanted to provide them with the highest quality masks,” stated BMM CFO Robert Balazs.

The Burgess Brothers are a black-owned business and are passionate diversity mentors, who continuously look for opportunities to give back to their community and underprivileged communities in the United States and globally. “While Exploring a partnership with the Burgess Brothers, we wanted to support the effort to donate 6,000 masks to those in need in Johannesburg, South Africa, knowing the citizens get only two masks for the entire year, we said of course.” Balazs continued. There has never been a more urgent need for global collaboration and coordination to partner and support each other as we deal with the immediate and longer-term impacts of the Pandemic. “We are inspired about our strategic partnership with BMM to deliver high-quality NIOSH and FDA approved masks to our region,” said Burgess.


About Burgess Brothers Inspired by history, powered by excellence. We connect tradition with food, people, appliances and safety. Combining over 170 years of magical family culinary knowledge, recipes, and commitment to service to create exceptional products and foodservice options we can share with the world. We provide food products for hospitality, food service, and retailers in addition to menu development and concession concepts for food service management groups. Our food products include, and are not limited to, sauces, spices, baking mixes, proteins, and beverages. We also provide domestic and commercial proprietary appliances for our ChurWaffle & Sausage brand concepts. Burgess Brothers, founded by twin brothers Jonathan (Fire) and Matthew Burgess (Law), in 2012; after a friendly burger competition in 2010. They were born and raised in Sacramento California and continue to be active in their public service professions. The dynamic duo has been featured on Home Shopping Network (HSN), Pickler & Ben, Food Network Guys Grocery Games (Twin It to Win It), CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, KCRA and a host of other television stations. The Brothers continue to give back by donating their time on culinary advisory boards for schools and colleges, in addition to public speaking engagements for young entrepreneurs. The brothers are committed to giving back to non-profit organizations and charities through fundraising partnerships. They are passionate about mentoring youth and adults that have the desire and work ethic for careers in public service.

About Breathe Medical Manufacturing Breathe Medical specializes in producing surgical masks and N95 respirators for medical use, manufacturing facilities, food processing plants, chemical factories and everyday use for the general population. Manufacturing is conducted to North American quality control standards. This includes sourcing quality raw materials, consistent production processes, utilization of an ISO8 clean room environment, an internal lab that enables the company to test and validate all raw materials before the manufacturing process, as well as a robust quality system that’s built-in accordance with ISO 13485. Coronavirus will forever be embedded into history as the point when the world shut down and manufacturing took a shift. Breathe Medical is part of history now and will also be part of North America’s success story. With its contribution, when the next wave or another pandemic strikes, Canada and the US will never again be in a situation where doctors, nurses and, frontline workers have to ration, or worse, be without PPE. Breathe Medical has been issued a Medical Device Establishment License from the Medical Devices Compliance and Licensing Unit of Health Canada (License Number: 11618). 



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