Request for Proposals (RFP 2020) for Provision of Expert Services through Burgess Brothers of Reseller/Retailer (for food, appliance, and accessory products)

Jonathan Burgess

Business Summary

The Burgess Brothers is a California LLC, under Avengers Hospitality Corporation, conducting a Request for Proposal to establish one or more long-term (2-5 years) contracts with authorized retailers. Retailers will sell and re-distribute Burgess Brothers Trademarked, proprietary brand of food, appliance, and accessory products.

For more information or catalog of products visit:

Catalog of Products:  Burgess Brothers Google Catalog


Invitation, Introduction and Overview

This Request for Proposal (hereafter called the RFP) solicits proposals from online, brick and mortar retailers/resellers.  Authorized resellers qualified, reputable and experienced to market and sell online or in stores.   The ideal retailers must have a website and a domain email account (not Gmail, AOL, sbcglobal, etc) to be considered.


Scoring Items

Max Points

Warehouse –Fulfillment West Coast/East Coast


Cold Storage/Ability to Ship Frozen Food Product


Length of Time as a Reseller/Retailer


Number of Products Willing to Sell


Sample Marketing/Promotional Plan


Wholesale Purchasing Quantities


Interview with “The Burgess Brothers”



Warehouse in California/US

Bidders shall receive additional points if they have a warehouse – fulfillment presence on the East Coat and West Cost.


Cold Storage

Any bidder with cold storage capabilities and the desire to ship frozen products will be given additional points.


Length of Time as a Reseller/Retailer

Identify the number of years and or months that your company has been selling products in addition to the online webpages, platforms and retail sites that will be used for selling products.  Consider including a company resume, capability statement, current or other brands sold, your website link etc.


Number of Products

Identify the number of products listed in the catalog that you have the ability to sell and would be most interested in selling.


Sample Marketing Promotional Plan

Provide an example of a mini marketing or promotional plan that your company is willing to institute to ensure the success of selling The Burgess Brothers branded products. You may select one or multiple products to use in the sample plan.


Wholesale Quantities

Wholesale pricing is best when orders are in quantities that equal pallets and containers.  Please tell us what purchasing quantities your company is prepared to make. 75% of the wholesale price will be required with the purchase order and the remainder paid upon delivery of product. Once a relationship is established 50% of the price will be required at the time of P.O. with the remainder due upon delivery. 


Interview with Burgess Brothers

Our company believes in long term partnerships resulting in mutually beneficial wins.  Scores of 40% or above will be invited to a zoom interview with The Burgess Brothers and our public relations team.


Proposals due 12/21/20 by 9 PM PST.

Please email your proposals to:

Subject Line: Wholesale RFP


Mandatory Documents:

  • Sellers Permit for State of Company Office
  • Business Licenses and or Active Corp LLC
  • Certificate of Insurance -Current

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