River City High School Puts Burgess Brothers to the Test

On Tuesday Jan 10. 2017, Washington Unified Schools District's culinary program will put the Burgess Brothers to the test.  River City High School students will be served Burgess Brothers BBQ sloppy Joe's and cornbread for lunch.  Both of these items will be made with Burgess Brothers products. Their recipes will be shared with the district.  Additionally the Brother's will be on-site in full Chef attire to take over the kitchen.  We are calling this the 2017 Twin Take Over!!!   

Karri Pina,  Director of  Food Services for Washington Unified was more than receptive and plays an intricate role in the relationship and partnership teaming up with this dynamic duo and looks forward to the excitement this brings to the district.

 "Getting our products into schools is great , however our ability to connect and have a positive influence with future, entrepreneurs, educators, world leaders, public servants,culinary professionals  is more than AMAZING!" said Jonathan & Matthew Burgess. 



Facebook @TheBurgessBrothers /Insta @Burgessbrothersbbq/ Twitter @Burgessbrosbbq

Who: Burgess Brothers 

Where: RCHS 1 Raider Lane West Sacramento CA 95691

When: Jan 10,2017  11 am - Lunch Service


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