Getting Your Product on The Shelf Part 1

Have you ever heard the saying "there is more than one way to skin a cat"?  For animal lovers, we are not really talking about skinning a cat, the same can be said for peeling a potato or driving a car.  This is so very true in the world of getting your product or products from your kitchen or restaurant to the retail shelf.  For this reason there will be several parts to this blog, so stay tuned as we attempt to give you our insight on going from restaurant to retail.  

In as little as two years we have managed to get our products in over five hundred retailers, local and abroad, local school districts and one major nationwide commercial food distributor , in addition to military commissaries in Japan, & Korea. 

So often we get asked by store directors, consumers and other entrepreneurs, how did you do it?  We will explore just that, how we did it, and what you will find out is that there are more than one way to achieve what we have, you just have to find the one that is right for you.  In our next post we will dive into how we did what we did. 


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  • I have had the Burgess Brother’s BBQ Sauce and recently made their cornbread on Thanksgiving Day. This is the BEST bbq sauce and cornbread ever!! My cornbread didn’t last long enough for me to take a picture!! I will definitely be stocking up.☺

    Jennifer Bland

  • Burgess Brothers Cornbread and BBQ sauce is no doubt the best I’ve ever eaten. BAR NONE. You don’t want to get any on your forehead , you will Slap yourself silly with your tongue trying to get it off.

    TOmmy BEnson

  • the very best

    mickey waters

  • Since you started part 1, my wonderful twin brother. part 2 is mine. Good stuff, I like the fact that we can share our knowledge with others.

    Matthew Burgess

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