December Newsletter: Competing Against Giants

December Newsletter: Competing Against Giants

Just over three years ago my twin brother Matthew and I decided to bottle our BBQ sauce. This decision was made after operating a restaurant and the need for consistency along with cost savings.  After accounting for the labor, ingredients and time it took to doctor up an inexpensive product that can be purchased at many restaurant supply stores, we decided it would be more cost effective to make our sauce from scratch.  Adding to a base barbecue sauce or ketchup is a common practice for many restaurant owners, home cooks and even some chefs; however we set out to to change that.
In just over three years we've managed to get our product on the shelves of over 350 grocery stores, military commissaries, Home Shopping Network, Amazon Prime, select Sam's Clubs, three Northern California School Districts, Senior Living Communities and Sysco Foods Sacramento. Not bad for not having a broker, distributor or sales team. A good food broker is worth their weight in gold; however, establishing a brand is needed well before securing a broker. Establishing and promoting our unique brand  is what we have done and will continue to do as we expand our market and products.  The only way to compete against the giants in this industry was for us to have or offer something that they could not. Many of our direct competitors are no longer the face or maker (Brand) of their products.  They are either made up characters, families that no longer own or control the brand, now operated and controlled by corporate giants. Telling a true compelling story, donating a portion of proceeds to charity, having a universal quality product and our public service professions have all been ingredients for our success. However there would be no success without people like you that have or will support us by purchasing our products.  Thank you and Happy Holidays (Merry Christmas . Jonathan & Matthew Burgess 

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